Friday, September 28, 2012

Student Bloggers Can Change the World!

I recently was reading the TED Blog and was excited to see this article about a Scottish school girl who created her own blog and began to effect change in school lunches and the nutrition for many young people around the world.
In April of 2012, Scottish schoolgirl Payne started the blog, which documents her school dinners (otherwise known as school lunches in the United States) with ratings like “number of mouthfuls” and “pieces of hair” found in food. The idea was to raise money for the charity Mary’s Meals, while at the same time showing the world the low nutritional value of school meals.
The most revealing piece of this article is Martha's response to the question,
What have you learned from your blogging experience?
I don’t know why adults teach us to write and think then get embarrassed when we do it outside class. I love kids sharing their meals with me and I like sharing back. The internet isn’t just for adults — we can use it too. When everyone chips in, you can help children around the world like with Mary’s Meals.

Below is a TED Video of Clay Shirky talking about How the Internet Will (one day) Transform Government as he uses the 9 year old blogger as an example. 

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