Monday, August 6, 2012

Hoarder, Curator or Creator

I wondered recently if I had become a hoarder of digital content; web and blog articles, links, resource, as well as twitter posts, and Google+ posts. I have gotten pretty good at finding, filtering and following key people online in the educational field who freely post amazing, informative and inspiring works online for others to learn from. So, I don't have to spend enormous amounts of time searching for articles or resources, they are fed to me through my Personal Learning Network that I have developed. While I sometimes contribute to these networks, more often I am the recipient of this wealth of information related to education and technology. I see it as my job to pass the most relevant pieces onto teachers and administrators who I work with via email or I will re-post, re-tweet, or share within Google+ .  I also use this blog as a vehicle for transferring digital content to people who might read my blog.
In hopes of not being inflicted with a digital hoarding disorder, I thought that maybe this hoarding was a form of "Digital Curation" not unlike new digital media publications like The Daily Beast where they pull content from other sources into their media publication...they don't produce the content they feed it to others. The fact that this is a valid practice and advances information and knowledge to the world makes me feel less of a hoarder and more like a curator of information. I learned from wikipedia that The Daily Beast is actually a form of Channelisation where...
The curation of content can be done by an independent third party, that selects media from any number of on-demand outlets from across the globe and adds them to a playlist to offer a digital "channel" dedicated to certain subjects, themes, or interests so that the end user would see and/or hear a continuous stream of content.
Whether I am a digital curator, hoarder or channeling information to others I am aware that I also need to be a creator of digital content. For it is in the "doing" that we learn best and if all I do is re-tweet, re-post or channel information then I am not thinking and learning.

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