Saturday, October 8, 2011

Embedding a Google Group into a Google Site

Google Tech Tip: Embedding a Google Group into a Google Site
Do you have a Google Group and a Google Site and find it messy to have students going back and forth. Here is a way to keep your online discussion inside your classroom website. (Note: always use Chrome as your Browser when using Google Apps)
  1. Create a new page on your class website.
  2. With the editor open,
    1. select Insert, 
    2. more Gadgets,
    3. search for and select Google Groups Discussion Forum by Google, Inc.Gadget for embedding a single Google Group within a site.
    4. select it
    5. paste the url of your Google Group into the url box
    6. click "OK"
  3. Your Google Group will work directly from your Google Classroom website

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