Tuesday, May 18, 2010

U-32 Google Domain

This past year was a pilot of sorts in deploying our U-32 Google Domain, starting with a few classes primarily in the middle school we began introducing teachers and students to the many apps available. What I found was that it's a slow process introducing it one teacher/class at a time and that there are so many tools within the Google Domain that it can be overwhelming. Finding a piece that will fill an immediate need is essential and "Documents" seems to be a good way to begin. Having students create or upload word documents to their "Documents" is relatively easy and begins the process of understanding the Google sharing and management tools. One step at a time...we can move to sites, mail, calendar, groups, and how they interrelate. I'm excited to hear that next year Google will be adding new apps, including Picasa (photo manager/editor) and Blogger. As we deploy this tool district wide, I think it's important to provide various venues for professional development and training.
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